Newport non-menthol ***gold pack***

Three quarters of the way through a bottle of tolerable red wine and I might be ready to give a decent review of this cheap pack of light cigarettes. Start review.

A swig o’ wine and a flick o’ the Bic, we’re off!

The first thing I notice is the lovely taste of sweet relief. If I’m being honest, a lit cigarette is a good cigarette. Although, these are better than most cigarettes of the same price range.

For under six dollars, in Akron Ohio, you can get a decent pack of smokes. For five fifty, this pack of Newport non-menthol golds is serving me right. From the mellow throat feel and the effortless long draw, the nicotine dulls any worry with each drag. Newport has come a long way since the, can I have some tobacco with my menthol, cancer stick they are known for.

The gold pack is extremely comparable to Marlboro lights. Due to the low price, I would take the Newports over the cowboy killers.

It’s also with noting, I have no idea what makes a cigarette a good cigarette. Is it the aroma? No, they pretty much all smell like shit to anyone who doesn’t smoke a pack and a half a day. Well then is it the taste? It must be. The instant taste of death and bonfire followed by the creaminess of freshly licked ass must be the reason.

Smoking is the greatest!!!

I give these smokes five out of five for price and the fact that they are next to me. They are the crutch so many smokers rely on. They have that classic taste of a slowing heart rate, and depleting stress. The nicotine blanket is warm and gives the illusion our world will be fine!

Keep smoking kids!!!


Thanks Newport for such a wonderful product.



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