Sayanca Malbec (Aldi red wine)

A mild headache and zero stomach upset quickly puts this inexpensive wine hangover in one of my top spots.

Begin review of the hangover from the 2015 Sayanca Malbec.

I was not expecting to finish that bottle of cheap red. I was supposed to save half for the next night. The fuzzy-warm wine buzz was undeniably strong and I couldn’t say no. So I succumb to the peer pressure that resides at the bottom of the bottle.

I fell asleep after one bottle of water and one drunkn’ conversation.

At seven o’clock I woke up with a pretty good headache. I would put it somewhere between a ballpoint pen stabbed in your ear and a hatchet to the back of the brain. So not too bad. Nothing an Excedrin and H20 couldn’t fix. I drank one bottle of aqua and took three Excedrin. It has now been over three hours, I feel alright.

The nausea is non-existent. I should have drank more. I feel like my methods were not good enough to give you quality information on the gastrointestinal front. My stomach is not making calls for help and I don’t feel like I could shit my pants and any moment. I have no immediate urge to vomit and haven’t heard as much as a whisper from my sphincter. I deeply apologize for my lack of information.

The bottle of wine was around six dollars from my local Aldi (discounted grocery) and the hangover was low to mild. The headache spoke of the nonsense you committed the previous night but also it wasn’t day wrecker. Given the quantity I drank, I had zero nausea. Therefore, with ample water and some OTCs, this bottle of wine delivers a night of decent debauchery, and has the hangover a Xanax-loving house wife could only dream of.

I give the hangover 4…..out of 6.




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