MD 20/20 (part 1)

    Walking into a drive-through convenience store is always a strange experience. Do you grab the items that you would like to buy, or do you wait for the lost souls who work there to collect them for you. Try not to stare through the windows of the stereotypical zip-through customer. They are in their cars to avoid other humans. With you staring at them, you have created that awkward encounter they have been avoiding. I cleared my head. I have to stop thinking about the ominous creatures trying to avoid my gaze. What did I come here for?

    I was there for two things, a 24oz Pabst Blue Ribbon and an MD 20/20. The Pabst was for a buddy and the MD, or Mad Dog as I knew them, was simply a lapse in judgment. I chose blue raspberry on account of the time. Buying orange made zero sense, as it was eleven at night not eleven o’clock in the morning. What, do you think I’m a fucking lunatic? Blue Razz it is.

***Begin Review on MD 20/20***

    Mad Dog takes me back. It has a nostalgic mystic which reminds me of being young and the lack of consideration towards your body. MD is the epitome of careless consumption. It takes everything the health-conscience, gluten-free, non-gmo eating, free-range fucking, pinterest loving, wannabe hippy thinks a person should consume and puts a steaming pile of shit on it.

    I love Mad Dog. It is everything a person is not supposed to enjoy. More specifically I love the idea of Mad Dog. It is the wine cooler of the malt beverage world. It simply needs to exist and needs to be guzzled every so often. Hippies, listen up.

I won’t lie, you feel different drinking this “Bling Bling” MD. You feel a bit dirty. But there isn’t much in this world that can get a human as intoxicated for under two dollars. Fuck it. I condone it’s existence not because I think it is a good alcohol. Quite the opposite. The sugary hootch has a place in this world because it is so fucking terrible. Never claiming nobility, MD has honest motives. Openly asserting that It is here to make you faded. Respect. Plenty of beverage companies have had shitty ad campaigns glorifying their crappy product. How could a rational person make a purchase based on frogs ribbiting the name of a product. Just going off honesty alone I have more respect for Mad Dog than most alcohol companies. From the beginning they stated you would get faded, and faded you became.  

***I will soon choose another flavor so the Mad Dog journey can continue!!!!***

***End part 1***





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